Couple celebrate 50 golden years

Godfrey Adams, 75, and Magdalene, 73, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the weekend.

A Parkwood couple who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary over the weekend said the key to a successful marriage is tolerance, respect and prayer.

Magdalene, 73, and Godfrey Adams, 75, met as teenagers when a mutual friend introduced them to each other.

Ms Adams, who had just turned 16 at the time, invited Mr Adams, who was 18, to her birthday party and he gladly accepted – the two instantly took a liking to each other and started courting.

“He was a popular soccer player and was liked by all the girls and I had a huge crush on him. I knew that I wanted him to be my husband from that moment,” said Ms Adams.

Mr Adams wasn’t as convinced initially.

“I was young at the time and marriage wasn’t really on my mind but I always knew at the back of my mind that she was the one I was going to spend my life with,” said Mr Adams.

Five years after meeting, they said their vows on May 27 1967 at the Christ Church in Constantia where Mr Adams grew up.

The couple, who have been living in Parkwood for the past 47 years, have four surviving children of five, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Ms Adams said one of the toughest times in their relationship was when their eldest son disappeared and was found dead in a field 20 years ago.

“That was one of the most trying times and it was difficult but we stayed strong as a family and by God’s grace we overcame. Marriage is not a walk in the park but our relationship was built on the foundation of prayer and faith in God and that is why we are still standing today, 50 years later,” said Mr Adams.

Mr and Ms Adams, now retired from motor engineering and domestic work, respectively, spend most of their time doing church work.

“I look forward to spending more time with my wife who I love and adore. She’s stuck by me despite my faults and I appreciate her for it,” said Mr Adams.

Ms Adams’ advice to young couples is to persevere.

“At times I wanted to give up on the marriage but I stayed strong which many couples don’t do nowadays.

“They give up too easily – so stay strong and faithful to each other and pray. The vows say till death do you part, and we decided to honour those vows,” she said.