Couple celebrate 60 years of love

Dorothy and David Jacobs celebrating their 60th anniversary.

A little unwelcome tap turned out to be the act that initiated a Retreat couple’s 60-year union.

Dorothy Anne, 82, and David Michael Jacobs, 80, celebrated 60 years of marriage last week with family and friends at their daughter’s home in Joe Marks Boulevard in Retreat.

Ms Jacobs, a retired nurse’s aid, lovingly tells the story of the first time they met at a mutual friend’s confirmation party.

“I felt someone tap me and I was not impressed because I didn’t like it when men do that but as it turns out, it was the start to a beautiful relationship. I feel very happy to be able to celebrate 60 years of marriage not only with my husband but also family and friends. It hasn’t been an easy road.”

On their wedding day, on November 2 1957, Mr Jacobs’ mother had her doubts about the courtship.

“My mother-in-law did not have a lot of faith that the marriage would work and questioned how long it would last. His mother was worried that he wouldn’t be able to take care of me because my husband was very naughty when he was younger but now look 60 years later – he has been the best husband to me and father to my children. He was and still is a very good man to me,” said Ms Jacobs.

Mr Jacobs, a retired boiler-maker, agreed that he was naughty in his younger days but said the moment he saw Ms Jacobs he knew he was going to spend the rest of his days with her.

“I feel very happy to be celebrating our 60th anniversary. I was naughty when I was younger but it was love at first sight when I saw my wife.”

Ms Jacobs said the secret to a long marriage is to trust God.

“It’s through that we made it, even through the tough times. Also, we always tried not to argue with each other and always had respect for each other.

“Men also need to help their wives in the house and not just expect them to do everything because the women are just as tired as the men are when they come from work,” she said.

She added that her husband cooked food, cleaned, did the laundry and many other things around the house.

“I will always be very thankful to have a husband that was so hard working and helped with the chores because a lot of men don’t do that. We worked together to make ends meet and did chores together,” she said.

Mr Jacobs said the secret to a long marriage is: “To trust and understand each other and to never keep secrets from each other, that’s the best advice I can give,” he said.

The Jacobs’ had seven children and two foster children. Their first-born died at one years old of measles and one of the foster children died.

Eva Philander has been caring for her parents for the past four years after they moved from their Elgar Street home to hers in Joe Marks Boulevard.

“My parents taught me a lot and prayer and church are big in our family and my parents, especially my father, taught me about perseverance and hard work. I wish them good health and happiness on their 60th anniversary,” said Ms Philander.