Courts at risk

Pearl Court in Lotus River.

Broken spotlights at the Lotus River flats between Second and Third avenue have left residents in pitch darkness and vulnerable to crime.

Resident Marie Manasse said the lights were broken before Christmas. “There is a woman in our block who leaves the house at 4.30am and it is not safe walking outside in the dark not knowing what dangers may be lurking around,” said Ms Manasse.

“We have logged a complaint at the housing office but nothing has been done.”

She said the courts affected are Pearl, Rubain and Garnet Place.

To add to this, a frustrated Ms Manasse contacted Southern Mail on Sunday January 29, to say that the street lights in her road were now also not working. But yesterday, Tuesday January 31, Ms Manasse said ward councillor Patricia van der Ross had informed her that the lights would be seen to.

Ms Van Der Ross told Southern Mail: “Yes I’ve logged the call for the street lights between Second and Third Avenue on Strandfontein Road and I sent a mail to the maintenance department of the rental stock for the spotlights at Rubain Court in Lotus River.”