Crime-fighters help fight Covid pandemic

Volunteers including police, neighbourhood watches and the Community Police Forum participated in the mask drive.

Members of various neighbourhood watches in Grassy Park and other community stakeholders worked together to raise awareness about Covid-19, the second wave of infections South Africa is currently experiencing, and to hand masks.

Carola, Diaz, Retreat Greenlight, Nita and Buck Inn neighbourhood watches joined forces with Grassy Park police, the Grassy Park Community police Forum (CPF) and Ezra Paramedics from Retreat handed about 3 000 masks to people in Parkwood, Grassy Park, Lotus River, Phumlani Village and at the Kalbaskraal informal settlement in Lake Road Grassy Park.

The group also encouraged residents to adhere to safety protocols, to sanitise and wash their hands frequently and to maintain physical distancing to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Nicole Jacobus from the CPF said they were crime fighters but also wanted to help save lives.

“We wanted to spread awareness and show the community we care. We want everyone to be safe during these trying times. Covid-19 is real and by now we all know someone who has had it so wash your hands, sanitise and wear your mask and save a life”.

A Grassy Park police officer helps with the mask donation in Parkwood.
Neighbourhood watch members did a hand over at the Skiemsaam informal settlement in Acacia Road, Lotus River.