Crime-prevention tips

Keith Blake, Ottery

This is an open letter to one and all to try to make you a crime preventer.

If you are a crime preventer, then tell others to be one too so they dont’ become another statistic.

Make sure you and your family are alert and security conscious at all times.

Make very sure you know
where your children are at all times. Do not send minor
children on errands.Tell your children not to ever talk to strangers.

Inform your neighbours that your house will be empty if you’re going away.

Always keep your vehicle locked and double-check your doors when activating your alarm and door lock system.

Never leave parcels or any items in your car. Lock them in the boot.

Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. Plan your trip and make sure the route is a safe one.

Obey the rules of the road
and be alert. Do not drive
and use a cellphone at the
same time. Do not speed and
do not drive while under the influence of intoxicating substances.

When going to the beach
make sure of the sea and
weather conditions. Do not take alcohol to any beach, it will be confiscated. Keep an eagle eye on your children while they are on the beach and ensure there are lifeguards.

If you find yourself at a
crime scene where shots are being fired, fall flat on the ground. If you are being robbed, do not resist as
money cannot bring you back to life.

Never accept help from anyone at an ATM. Do not draw money at deserted places, rather go to the supermarket tills where you can draw money safely.

Wallets, purses, cellphones and handbags must be secured on your person so as to avoid pickpocketing.

Never let your credit card leave your sight or presence when doing a transaction. At bars, make sure you see what the bartender or waiter pours in your glass.

Do not forget the pets you own, and do what you must to ensure their safety, care and comfort.

Write down all emergency numbers and place them in your wallet or purse for quicker response than searching in your cellphone.

You can share these tips
with your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

The festive season puts
one and all in a “joy to the world” spirit, but crime and criminals can cause pain and heartache.