Cub leader calls on girls to join

Cub Ubaydullah Samuels hands a gift to Keith Jacobs.

After more than 20 years the 1st Steenberg Scouts have reopened their doors and at the helm of the movement’s cub division is Chandre Jonas, 20.

To commemorate the opening they decided to pamper the seniors of St Montague Village Old Age Home as well as to help them set up a vegetable garden on the premises.

Chandre is one of only two women among the eight leaders of the Steenberg scouts and she is trying to get as many girls as possible to join the scout movement.

Scouting has a strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills and aims to support youngsters’ physical, mental, and spiritual growth so that they may play constructive roles in society.

Chandre is in charge of about 30 cubs who meet at the scout’s hall in Lute Lane in Steenberg every Friday from 4pm to 6pm to learn life skills, first aid, cooking, outdoor survival and stitching. The cubs are aged between 6 and 10, scouts between 11 and 18 and those between 18 and 30 are rovers.

Chandre belonged to the scouts from young, up until the age of 18 and enjoys every aspect of the scouts despite it being a male dominated movement.

“The majority of leaders are men and there is a stigma that scouts is only for boys. We as women don’t see difficulties because we are ready and willing to do just about anything and that’s why I encourage girls to get involved with the scouts. I have a passion for scouts so I love what I do and I want to share the knowledge that I’ve learnt and the experience I’ve gained,” she said.

Chandre encouraged parents to let their children be part of scouts and encouraged girls to join.

“I hope to see more girls and women take part and lead in the scouts. Let your children learn and achieve beyond school. It will broaden their perspective beyond school and let them see things differently.”

Those interested to register their children to be part of the scouts, can call Chandre at 081 721 7123.