Cyclist fleeing robbers, killed by speeding taxi

A cyclist, who was fleeing four robbers, was knocked over and killed by a speeding taxi in Wetton Road last week.

The incident, which involved a cyclist in his mid-30s, happened near Kenilworth racecourse on Wednesday March 24.

Mark Kleinschmidt, the councillor for Ward 60, which includes the neighbouring are of Kenwyn, said the cyclist had been fleeing to avoid potential injury inflicted by the attackers when he was hit by the taxi. Speeding along Wetton Road, he noted, “occurs on a daily basis”.

Mr Kleinschmidt said much of the crime occurring along Wetton Road is is believed to emanate from the Bonnytoun Informal Settlement situated behind the Wynberg St John’s soccer field.

“Robberies occurring along Wetton Road have become increasingly frequent, occurring at least once a week,” he said.

“There are many pedestrians making use of this route. Cyclists and joggers are most vulnerable and have become victims of the heinous robberies, as well as unsuspecting persons using the area adjacent to the Kenilworth racecourse walking their dogs,” he said.

Wynberg SAPS sector commander Captain Silvino Davids confirmed the incident. “It was alleged that he was being robbed of his bicycle by four suspects who then ran away.”

He said the case was registered as a culpable homicide due to him also being knocked over a taxi. The court will now have to decide whether it was an accident, he said.

Mr Kleinschmidt advised people not to cycle or jog alone or to carry anything of value with them. He also suggested people carry pepper spray, a mini tazer or other personal protection device.

“I implore the Wynberg SAPS and City traffic services to conduct more regular patrols and address the growing criminality on the aforesaid section of Wetton Road,” he said.

Rashied Dawood, a member of the Wynberg Community Police Forum (CPF) and Eden Safety and Security Residents’ Association (ESS) attributed the increase in crime in the area to “an influx of gangs’.

“There is a Bonnytown informal settlement in which most of the criminals are coming out of. There is also an influx of gangs coming in from this area. There are so many entrance and exit points for criminals to perform a robbery and then disappear.”

He also urged cyclists and joggers to run or cycle in groups and asked motorists who pass incidents on the road, to stop and assist.