Day and night market in Lavender Hill

The day and night market will take place at the park behind Ashley Court in Lavender Hill.

Lavender Hill will have their first ever day and night market in an attempt to boost the economy of residents.

The market will be held at the garden behind Ashley Court, along Prince George Drive, and residents will be able to buy goods, clothes and food from vendors and there will be entertainment for children as well.

Community worker Clive Jacobs said the market gives an opportunity for unemployed and struggling residents to make an income.

He said there are a lot of people in the area who are not able to make-ends-meet, many are unemployed and have little to no means of income and with the festive season approaching a group of residents decided to host the market to bring some festive joy for residents and the community.

“Bills need to be paid, the economy is bad, the festive season is fast approaching and next month parents have to think about stationery and other needs so people are getting anxious as to how they will make it. The market will really help because it will bring something to the table for them,” said Mr Jacobs.

He added that the event is the first of many and encouraged vendors to come onboard.

“All vendors are welcome to set up at the market and we invite people from Lavender Hill and other areas to join us. Lavender Hill is always portrayed in a bad light because of the shootings and negativity but we want to change that and show that good things do happen in our community and we are capable of doing positive things that uplift the community.”

Lavender Hill resident, entrepreneur and one of the organisers of the event, Grant Maree said the market will fill a gap and is open to grannies, the unemployed and anyone who wants to showcase or sell their products.

“We have such a lot of talented people in Lavender Hill and they don’t get a platform to showcase their skills so we want to create those opportunities for them.”

The market will run on Friday December 15 and Saturday December 16, from 8am.

For more information call Clive on 071 576 1876 and vendors who want to book a table can contact Grant on 061 346 7166.