Deliver chronic meds

Mary Jansen, secretary, Seniors in Action, Retreat

The coronavirus has become a worldwide pandemic, affecting all people. I hereby wish to request that the local newspaper highlight a great concern affecting the vulnerable, the senior citizens and those on chronic medication queuing at the overcrowded Retreat day hospital waiting on their chronic medication.

My request on behalf of the senior citizens and the chronic cases (the diabetic, heart diseases, cancer , TB and related diseases and hypertensive cases) is that their chronic medication be delivered to their homes to reduce the risk of being infected by others.

They are also the high-risk cases to be infected with the coronavirus.

This is also a way of social distancing by staying indoors and the medication be delivered to their homes.

This home delivery has been in progress before at Retreat Day Hospital. It was working very well, but has been stopped for unknown reason. I have addressed this concern with the Authorities before, without any amicable solution. 084 21 02107.

Natalie Watlington, spokesperson, provincial Department of Health’s southern western sub-structures, responds: We thank the concerned resident for her suggestion of chronic medication delivery and will explore the viability of this suggestion. We also want to reassure her that Western Cape Government Health has plans in place to ensure the safety of staff, patients and visitors and continue with delivering health services to our patients. Our stable chronic patients can collect their chronic medication from a number of chronic medication collecting sites. This means that they can collect their medication within a short period of time outside of the facility. We encourage patients who are elderly or not well to send someone on their behalf to collect their medication. We are also exploring other options to make chronic medication collection as easy and safe as possible for all our chronic patients.