Dews restoration centre on the cards

Sadick Desai and Moriedah Dien at the Dews of Quietness Restoration Centre.

A Retreat Non-Profit organisation Dews of Quietness is calling on organisations and individuals to take part in a Zero Hunger, 1 Million Meals campaign.

The organisation, started in 2012, focused on counselling, enrichment programmes, seniors and victim support but quickly added feeding to their list of priorities. When the Covid-19 pandemic left many without food, the NPO bolstered their feeding initiative to support people who lost their jobs.

“People thought that things would get a bit better with the end of Covid-19 but things have worsened, the queues are getting longer. So we decided to get other organisations around us involved because the need is so great,” said Sadick Desai, funding and development manager.

Moriedah Dien, far right, with volunteers at one of the organisation’s feeding schemes.

The NPO doesn’t have transport and has appealed to other organisations to work in partnership with them to feed more people.

“If we work together, we support them and expand their feeding programme. Even those who don’t currently have a feeding programme, we can help them establish one,” said Mr Desai.

The organisation have supplied 19 kitchens with ingredients several times a week but Moriedah Dien, founder of the organisation, said they have plans to “go big”.

“We need to lessen the stress and the pain of being hungry. Poverty is so rife that half the time people have to steal or shoplift but if you listen to them, it’s because they are hungry or trying to feed their families. We won’t be able to eliminate it but we are trying to lessen those hunger pains,” she said.

The executive of the 18A Tax Compliant organisation also hopes to improve their base, which is located in Oboe Street behind Delta Primary School, by creating a restoration centre.

Dews of Quiteness is hoping to expand their reach by partnering with other organisations.

Ms Dien said the hub, which is the ultimate goal, would enable them to incorporate all their programmes and services: “The organisation’s mandate is focused on victim support and creating a bridge between the vulnerable and professional service to ensure service delivery. If we have the restoration centre we will walk the journey with the victims until they are strong and empowered enough to walk away and know that they can do it on their own.”

Ms Dien said they need volunteers and sponsors.

“We have an anti-bullying campaign and we would like for people to come on board and help us.”

The organisation also needs office and other equipment to make the restoration centre possible.

“We need laptops. We ask anyone who has a second-hand laptop and some office equipment to please assist us. We also need proper infrastructure for our kitchen, more containers and fencing to secure our containers because there were six burglaries just in the last few months. We hope a company, organisation or individuals can help us fulfil our goal,” said Ms Dien.

The organisation needs a 150-metre fence with a minimum height of 1,8 metres to secure the facility as well as 6x9m containers to house various projects.

To assist the organisation or become a volunteer, contact Moriedah on 078 400 0801, after hours on 081 382 5967 or email