Diabetes day at Grassy Park CDC

Staff and volunteers from the Grassy Park Community Day Centre and League of Friends of the Blind staff.

The Grassy Park Community Day Centre (CDC) hosted a World Diabetes Awareness Day for their patients on Thursday November 14 to help patients and others make healthy life choices.

Staff educated people about diabetes and its prevention, management and long- term complications. Screening services were offered, including, blood sugar screening, diabetic foot screening and eye tests.

Patients could also participate in Zumba and the League of Friends of the Blind (LOFOB) raised awareness about visual impairment and blindness.

The facility’s Claudia Lewis said the programme was aimed at helping people to make better health choices. “My hope is to educate and empower the community about healthy lifestyle choices and the different types of diabetes. It’s important as we bring awareness of how one can reduce the risks of developing diabetes.

“It is also important that people are aware that diabetes may affect anyone at any age. This can be seen by the increase of diabetes in younger and older generations. Awareness programmes also allows the public to engage with health care practitioners and ask them any questions that they may have,” she said.

Ms Lewis added that if patients were active and made healthier food choices they would be less likely to develop diabetes. “By being active your blood sugar levels are better regulated. People with diabetes may enjoy a healthy lifestyle if they ensure that they are compliant when taking their medication and attending follow-up appointments.”