Domestic worker helps Ottery via Backabuddy

Lauren Juries from Ottery and her sons Stanton and Loghan.

Lauren Juries, a domestic worker from Ottery, has been raising funds through BackaBuddy and managed to deliver care packages for 170 people who are in need of support, especially during lockdown.

Ms Juries said she immediately jumped into action after she witnessed an Ottery family trying to feed a big family with little food, on April 10.

“I was attending a prayer meeting at one of the homes and when I saw that family trying to feed 13 family members with three pieces of chicken, I walked away thinking ‘how can I help’?”

She contacted her employer Tracy Gander who suggested doing a survey to gauge the need in the community. “I went door to door for a week to find out how many people are in need of food and electricity.”

Two months later, after launching a campaign on the BackaBuddy crowdfunding platform, they managed to help 170 people and are currently working on raising funds for the next 100, said Ms Juries.

Zane Groenewald, BackaBuddy public relations officer, said: “Donations are based on crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy, partnering with YeboFresh, Omega Family Fellowship, PowerTime, Hands of Honour and Shoprite to make a meaningful contribution to her community.

“The campaign raised a total of R69 516 to purchase basic groceries, fruit and vegetables, meat and electricity for vulnerable families in Ottery.”

Mr Groenewald said BackaBuddy is a South African crowdfunding platform where individuals have the opportunity to raise funds for causes they feel passionate about.”BackaBuddy has raised over R180 million for various charities, individuals and causes across South Africa.”

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