’Don’t fear cancer, speak out’

Cancer survivors Jullian Beck, Anna Barron and Elizabeth Lewin-Isaacs.

By Roshan Abrahams

Cancer survivor Elizabeth Lewin-Isaacs ran a cancer-awareness drive in Hillview and Seawinds on Friday.

“I want to motivate other patients as well as the community, and to tell them not to fear cancer but to speak out and stand strong,” Ms Lewin-Isaacs said..

Elizabeth Lewin-Isaacs handing over a gift to nurse Susan September who organised the screening and sanitising.

Cancer was a battle, and “some win, and some lose, but, to those still standing, don’t ever lose hope”, she said.

Ms Lewin-Isaacs said that when she had found a lump in her breast in 2013 she had been hesitant to have it checked out because she had feared it could be cancer.

But when the Groote Schuur Hospital Breast Clinic later confirmed that she had Stage-1 breast cancer, she decided to fight.

Some of the residents who attended the cancer-awareness programme.

“I realised that this battle I was going to win. I started treatment work with the doctors and trusted in God, and within three years, I was discharged from the oncology clinic as I am fully recovered,” said Ms Lewin-Isaacs.

Her message is that cancer can be beaten and “early detection saves lives. God Almighty is bigger than cancer”.

She hopes to run at least four of the outreach programmes a year.