Drug bust ‘makes streets a bit safer’

Drugs found in Lotus River. Pictured from left, are Sergeant Heinrich Gordon, sector manager of Parkwood, Constable Kurt Abrahams and Constable Rafiek Kampher.

Grassy Park police confiscated 501 packets of tik and 70 mandrax tablets in Lotus River, in the early hours of Friday January 31.

The drugs belong to a well-known gang leader in the area.

The Grassy Park Community Police Forum (CPF) congratulated SAPS on this find, saying it will “make our streets a bit safer.”

Melvin Jonkers, chairperson of the CPF, said: “The CPF supports a strategy of ‘frustration’ of criminals intent on robbing our people and every time drugs are confiscated, the drug trade is being frustrated in our area. We realise that the source has not dried up but together with SAPS we want to send out a strong message that we will not give up. Drug pedlars need to know, we are taking back our streets and will remove the poison.”

Philip Bam, spokesperson for the CPF, added: “The illicit drug trade and illegal guns will be removed through diligent work of credible police officers. Every illegal gun confiscated and every bit of illegal drugs being removed from our streets contribute to making our area a safer place. The CPF urges parents who know that their children and family members are on drugs to vigorously pursue treatment opportunities. We believe we can still save this nation by starting in our own families and in our own suburbs.”

The CPF called on the community to report any drug dealing activity to Grassy Park police on 021 700 3900 or 021 700 3902.