Duo nabbed with council property

Council property found in New Horizons in Pelican Park.
Two men were arrested for alleged possession of council property in New Horizons in Pelican Park on Friday November 9.

A white Toyota dropside truck was left abandoned by the driver after he was stopped by council workers, who saw he had City of Cape Town drain covers, loaded on the vehicle.

Law enforcement was called and on arrival they discovered three manhole covers clearly marked City of Cape Town, 13 stormwater gully grids also marked and other unidentified covers on the truck.

The driver had by then fled.

The owner of the truck arrived on scene. He claimed he did not know the whereabouts of his truck and was unaware of what was being transported on the truck as he had left it with a mechanic.

The officers contacted the mechanic and after questioning both the owner of the truck and the mechanic were arrested for the illegal possession of council property.

They were both charged under the Criminal Matters Amendment Act.

They were detained and charged at the Grassy Park police station.