Educare gets much needed boost

Sunrise Educare in Vrygrond was upgraded with the help of donor organisations.

An organisation that has been around for decades plans to do even more for the community of Vrygrond.

Bluemoon Project NPC in partnership with NPO True North recently completed the rebuild of the Sunrise Educare centre in the heart of Vrygrond in Berry Road recently. The project is part of the organisation’s efforts to upgrade educares in the area so that they can be compliant with safety regulations of the Department of Social Development as well as foundation phase educational systems of the Department of Education.

Most of the ECD centres in the area are informal and that’s why their role is so important, said director of operations Hillary Faulmann.

“We assist the 32 ECDs that fall under the True North umbrella as most of them are informal. We make them compliant,” said Ms Faulmann.

Sunrise, the oldest community ECD in Vrygrond drew the attention of the organisation because there were only two wendy houses and an open plot where they catered for the community’s young ones.

Earlier this year, Irish volunteers came to assist the Vrygrond ECD by raising funds and completing the build of fully functional classrooms, a play area and upgraded the rundown building that was on the property.

The classrooms built with money raised by organisations and the help of Irish volunteers.

The build was supposed to be completed in March of 2020 but Covid-19 halted their plans and the work was only completed in March this year.

“There were many challenges but we were able to overcome them with the help of our volunteers and the funds that were raised,” said Ms Faulmann.

A second phase is planned for the educare but more funding is required to continue.

Deputy principal Berenice Kiel who started work at Sunrise educare in Vrygrond in 2002 said the help from Bluemoon project had given them a massive boost and had helped the 138 children who were currently enrolled at the centre.

“The organisation not only helped make us compliant but also assisted employees, who come from the community, earn a salary and equipped us to build a solid foundation for the children of Vrygrond.”

She said due to financial constraints, many ECD centres, particularly the informal ones, found it hard to be compliant with regulations.

The 138 pupils at the facility can now learn in a safe environment.

“Doing a registered programme under the new curriculum and creating a safe environment for children is very important and beneficial for the community.”

She thanked and commended the organisations for their role in strengthening not only Sunrise Educare but many others in the community.

To assist Bluemoon Projects and help raise funds, contact Hillary on 078 905 1653 or 087 821 7912.