Education is power

Keith Blake, community leader, Ottery

About two weeks ago, I received a call from Theresa Jones, of Beethoven Street, Steenberg, and she asked me to speak to about 40 neighbourhood children at her home about the importance of education.

Ms Jones runs an outreach programme for seniors, the disabled and children in her neighbourhood. She is very dedicated, but she depends largely on donations to feed those in need of care.

My wife, Tina, and I decided to surprise Ms Jones, and we donated toys, chips, bread and a large pot of food to give to the children on Sunday February 5.

At the home was a large group of young children sitting on Ms Jones’s enclosed stoep. After a very pleasant welcome, I was asked to pray for the children and for their parents. Then I spoke about the importance of children going full out to get their education because it is the key to a prosperous future.

Ms Jones told the children that each of them had a choice to be educated and to determine their future and that changes in their lives could change their future for good or bad.

To me and to all listening, it was a really powerful message, and I encourage others, especially teachers, religious leaders and community activists to spread it.
I want to invite businesses and good Samaritans in Cape Town to please reach out and help Ms Jones by donating goods, clothes, food and money. Call her at 063 626 1784 or visit her home, Shelter of Hope, at 109 Beethoven Street Steenberg.