Elderly woman found dead in her home

A 65-year old woman was found tied up in her Azana Street home last week.

The community of Ferness Estate near Ottery was left shocked when an elderly woman was found dead in her Azana Street home on Tuesday September 1.

The 65-year old woman, who lives alone, was found tied up by her family at about 6.30am.

Grassy Park police spokesperson Captain Wynita Kleinsmith said the suspects entered the home by breaking a window. They tied up the woman, ransacked the house and stole a Dell laptop and a cellphone. A flat screen TV was found outside the house.

When Southern Mail visited the house, the woman’s brother said the family were still in shock and did not want to divulge any information about the incident.

He said her death is very hard on the family and that they are trying to find healing in this difficult time. He added that she lived a beautiful life and wouldn’t wish what happened on any family.

A neighbour who lives around the corner from the Azana Street house said this is the first time in many years that a crime like this happened in the area.

“My landlords have lived here for 57 years and in all their time living here this is only the second incident of its kind to happen. There was another murder over 30 years ago. Yes there’s the odd break-in here and there but the area is usually very quiet. It was clearly an opportunistic crime.”

Another Ferness Estate resident, Margaret Adonis said the incident has caused some concern, especially for the elderly.

“There are many seniors who live here, and although not many live alone, there is a fear that the culprits will now target us. It is shocking that people can do something like this to an elderly woman who couldn’t defend herself.

“In our golden years we want to enjoy the rest of our time in peace but to be attacked like that in one’s own homes, where we are supposed to be safe, is terrifying.”

Captain Kleinsmith said a docket of house robbery and murder is being investigated. No arrests have yet been made.

Anyone with information can contact the station on 021 700 3940 or crime stop on 08600 10111.