Ex Wittebome High pupils to ‘reconnect with purpose’

The 64-year-old Wittebome High School, in Wynberg, is calling on all former pupils and teachers from the 70s, 80s, 90s and noughties, as well as current pupils, to come together for their third reunion on Friday March 27, at Wynberg civic centre, from 7pm to late.

Organisers Colin Hendricks and Deon Cleinwerck, from the class of 1989, are at it again, making efforts to rekindle the memories for Wittebome High School pupils and alumni.

The first reunion was in March 2004 and the second in August 2014 (“Pupils lend a helping hand at Wittebome”, Southern Mail, August 20 2014) and Mr Hendricks said the school was due for another one.

This year they are planning “a spectacular array of fun interaction activities to keep the evening exciting and memorable.”

Mr Hendricks said his personal goal is to see the evening buzzing with old friends reminiscing and networking. “The goal is to link our ex pupils to the school so they can give back to the school, not only financially but to offer whatever resources they may have. For example if you are a psychologist, to gather your resources and offer a motivational talk or offer your advice.”

He said they will be honouring ex pupils and teachers during the evening.

Mr Hendricks said he had touched base with a few former pupils such as photographer Rashid Lombard who is also the CEO of espAfrika, an events management company, which he started in 1997.

The company is responsible for staging the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, formerly known as the North Sea Jazz Cape Town.

Another well-known former pupil, Advocate Hishaam Mohamed, stated the importance of this reunion.

“The reunion will enable past pupils to reconnect with a purpose to collectively plough back into the future of Wittebome, for example to discuss a fund that can help to pay school fees of learners whose parents cannot afford to pay.”

Mr Mohamed said the reunion, “is an opportunity for former classmates to further enhance and empower themselves or their businesses through collaboration and networking and by sharing ideas on how best to contribute in growing our economy and to eradicate unemployment, inequality and fight gender-based violence in our country.”

Mr Mohamed praised his Alma mater. “It was after all Wittebome that instilled fundamental values into us that today command us to fend for the poorest of the poor in what we do in our adult life.”

Book your ticket online at Quicket under
Wittebome and for more information WhatsApp Mr Hendricks on 082 334 6391.

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