Fake cop caught soliciting bribes

The man arrested for soliciting bribes.

A man was arrested on charges of impersonating a police officer last week when motorists complained about a “traffic officer” who had solicited bribes from them.

The City of Cape Town’s Traffic Service received the complaint on Thursday October 13 at about 11.15am in Ottery Road and sent out the Ghost Squad.

The “officer’” claimed that he had been booked off sick, but had noticed the vehicle driving erratically and decided to take action.

However, further investigation by Traffic Services revealed that the man was currently on suspension from the Provincial Traffic Department in Knysna due to substance abuse issues.

The suspect was subsequently arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer. More charges will likely be brought against him because since the arrest, he has been linked to a total of five similar cases.

JP Smith, the City’s Mayco member for safety and security, said the directorate was appalled by the man’s actions. “It looks likely from the circumstances described that the officer in question had been soliciting bribes in order to finance his drug habit. We are thus very pleased that we were able to bring him to justice and protect motorists from further exploitation,” he said.

“That anyone would go to such lengths, forgoing opportunities for counselling and rehabilitation in order to continue taking drugs, speaks to the powerful hold that drugs can have on their victims and illustrates clearly how they corrupt society. We would therefore like to encourage residents with any information on drug-related activities to report this to drug.stop@capetown.gov.za,” said Mr Smith.