Fake EPWP contract doing rounds

A scam alert has been issued for EPWP recruitment.

The City of Cape Town has warned residents of a scam by a person who has been selling fake Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) contracts to unsuspecting and desperate community members.

It is alleged that the scammer has sold more than 70 fake contracts to unsuspecting people who are desperate for work.

This scammer lured unemployed people by offering them fake jobs in return for money.

In a statement issued by the City’s media office, it said the City would never ask people to pay for job opportunities, or to pay to apply for a job.

A case of fraud has been opened with the South African Police Services (SAPS) and residents are asked to come forward with any information that may help identify the perpetrator.

Here’s what to look for to determine if a job is a scam:

  • If the recruiter contacts you
  • You receive a job offer right away
  • The pay is extremely high
  • Job requirements and description are vague
  • The company requires payment from you
  • The job promises that you’ll get wealthy fast Communication appears unprofessional
  • Contact information for the employer or company is missing
  • A company requests confidential information before hiring