Farewell Russell ‘the love muscle’

Russell Connolly

Steenberg resident and one of Cape Town’s iconic DJs, Russell “The Love Muscle” Connolly, died at the age of 56, after contracting a lung infection.

His brother Bradley Tobias said Russell had still been active on the DJ scene, and had been invited to a gig a week before his death. “He could, however, not attend because he was in hospital and the bottom of his lungs had hardened and that caused a loss of breath,” he said.

Russell started his career three decades ago at the Copacabana, Thriller and Space Odyssey nightclubs.

Bradley said his brother was a giving person and always willing to help others. “He would buy ahkni and hand out the food at informal settlements. During the Knysna fires in June, he bought food parcels and took them down to the victims.”

Russell’s friend Andy Heyns, who is also in the entertainment business, remembered him as a good-hearted person who loved everyone “young and old”.

He said: “I knew Russell since 1988. He was amazing, loving, friendly, humble and he had a great personality.

“Russell loved music and music was a key that brought all walks of life together We, as family, friends and fans will surely miss his great smile good heart and passion for music with a sad and heavy heart.”

Another friend, Leon Rossouw, echoed similar sentiments, recalling that Russell was an “extremely humble person, who never looked down on anyone”.

“He was always uplifting and encouraging. When you see Russell and you have a bad day, he would light up your mood.”

Leon said whenever Russell was free he would help, whether it was for the elderly or a soccer club fund-raiser, “he would do it for free”.

Russell leaves behind three children and two grandchildren.

There will be a memorial service at the Unlimited Ministries church, on the corner of Merwe and Enslin roads, in Ottery, today, Wednesday September 11, at 7pm. The funeral will be at the same church, on Saturday September 14, with viewing from 8am and the service at 9am.