Farewell to a wonder mothers

Clive Jacobs, Lavender Hill

I grew up playing between the grey flats of Lavender Hill and it was important for me to be the child I was.

Even now, many years later, I am and will always be a child when in the company of the elderly.

I have great respect for elders, especially the women, and I think it is because my late mom died at a very young age so I latched onto many of my friends’ mothers. They saw me as one of their very own.

The reason for this letter is because on, November 27, we bid farewell to another wonder mother of this community – Ouma Zainap Caderberg – a woman with a great heart.

She will remain in our hearts for the most simple reason, she made all youth and children her kids. She had a snooker/ pool group to keep kids off the street corners.

She had an open yard fitted with pool boards where she occupied the tiny toddlers and youth on a daily basis. She also fed some of them – yes. and she scolded them when they stepped out of line.

She was an amazing mother to the community. She would give her last. She was not well but never complained.

I am going to miss you, Ouma Zainap Caderberg. Thank you for everything you stood for.

I am missing my other mothers such as Priscilla Witbooi, Masnoena van Louw, Martha Bowers, Jane Mulder, Shaheeda Isaacs, Joyce Makuppo and Daphne Louw.

Your spirits will live on forever.