Fight for injustice

Women from Where Rainbows Meet protested against the violence perpetrated in Rohingya Muslim population in Myanmar.

Kyle Cupido, Where Rainbows Meet Foundation, Vrygrond

I was on Facebook when I came across a video of the Burma killings (the ongoing violence against the minority Rohingya Muslim population in Myanmar).

I was so shocked and hurt to read about the brutality.

I could not understand why anyone would do such inhumane things towards another human being and immediately felt compelled to do something.

I then received a message from a fellow Muslim sister, about the march to Parliament in Cape Town that took place on Wednesday September 13. I could not just sit back and not do anything about something so brutal towards another human being. So much crime in our communities and it seems it is on the increase. To kill an individual, is already so painful, but to wipe out an entire community in such a vicious and barbaric way is is definitely disturbing.

I cannot even explain how angry I feel towards the crime in our communities, but I am even more angry that the world is watching how an entire community is being treated in this way.

Humanity is what we stand for and we will continue to strive to build our communities in a positive way.

We need to ensure the leaders we choose, stand for humanity, and not hide behind religion or position and power hungry.
Religion is our guide as to how we should live and treat one another, not hurt each other.

As a foundation we take great pride in fighting for the rights of others and we will continue to fight injustice towards humanity.