Film on GBV being shot at Sibelius High School in Steenberg

When Home Isn’t Safe is an independent film set to be released next year.

Many people have been affected or know of someone who’s been affected by gender-based violence (GBV) either directly or indirectly and spreading awareness is one of the ways to address this scourge in society.

Tamica Mopp, a first-year film student at the University of Cape Town, hopes to do so through a film she’s written and directed called When Home Isn’t Safe about a young girl, Candice, who is abused by her father and is conflicted about speaking up or enduring the abuse.

It also tells the story of Megan, her high school teacher, who is concerned about Candice, and who deals with her own problems at home, facing a different side of GBV.

The drama is a story of hope and courage with intense, provoking and emotional scenes and is in the process of being filmed at Sibelius High School in Steenberg and stars Grade 10 pupil Lezandre September.

Tamica, a tutor at Sibelius High School, was inspired to write the short story during the Covid-19 lockdown when an increase of cases of GBV were reported.

“It’s a story that is very close to my heart because I have been a victim of GBV, not physical but other aspects of it, and I’ve realised that many people have experience with GBV. Either they know someone close to them who has been a victim or they themselves have experienced it but many people are not ready to speak about it.”

Most of the scenes were filmed at Sibelius High School in Steenberg.

She hopes the film will encourage victims to come forward and know that they are not alone.

“The goal is to reach lives and make people aware of GBV, the impact it can have on someone and to also bring hope that there is life after walking away from a toxic situation and making changes. I want women, or anyone, to know that they are not alone; there are people out there that can help and that do care,” she said.

Lezandre, who plays Candice in the film, is excited about her role.

“It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m glad that I can help raise awareness about GBV because it is so important to give a voice to those who have given up on trying to stand up for themselves. I hope that with this film people will realise how serious this issue is and how it affects the lives of others.”

Tamica’s tutoring has funded most of the filming so far and it as meant to be completed this month but due to a funding shortage, the premier date was postponed and will hopefullytake place in February next year.

Anyone willing to assist Tamica to complete filming can contact her on 078 785 2881.