Fire ravages Chapel Court

The flat on the corner of Chapel Court went up in flames after a burning candle apparently fell over in a bungalow in the backyard.

“The fire brigade didn’t take long but two of our cars were also burnt out.”

Shirley Louw, who lived in one of the destroyed bungalows, said she and her husband, three children – a seven-year-old son and two daughters aged 14 and 18 – and one grandson, 2, were not injured.

The lost all their possessions .

“We woke up about at 1.45am and saw that the bungalow next door was on fire. Neighbours came to assist and as we were trying to douse the fire, our bungalow caught alight.”

Ms Louw lived in the backyard of her parents’ flat. Her father Philander Hope’s car was also damaged by the fire.

Her mother’s kitchen wall and the fridge which was situated against the backyard wall burnt out. “We are living in our parents’ flat now and are sleeping on the floor.

“All our stuff was destroyed but we have received clothing and appliances from the community which are standing around the place in boxes.”

She said she is thankful for the community who reached out to them. “Where Rainbows Meet, a non-profit organisation, brought us lunch the next day and they said they will come back to give more.”

Mymoena Scholtz, founder of Where Rainbows Meet, said: “We took them a pot of food and rice but I am still trying to get some clothes for them. It will be sorted out soon, as children’s clothes are very difficult to find. We are lucky that some clothing came in on Friday November 18. We also donated a school uniform for one child. It is sad what has happened to these families.” If you want to help the victims, you can call Ms Beukman on
071 955 9109 or Ms Louw on 078 116 3869.