Fitrah gifts from Sanzaf

Volunteers from the Wetton and Ottery scouts as well as community members helped pack the hampers to distribute to families in need.

The South African National Zakáh Fund (SANZAF) have in the past few weeks provided about 40 000 families in need with Fitrah hampers.

These hampers, which contain chicken and vegetables, were distributed to ensure that families would have a hearty meal on Eid, which was celebrated yesterday, Tuesday May 3.

The first Ottery Land Group came together at the Athlone Civic Centre last week to make up the hampers.

Volunteers from the first Wetton and First Ottery scouts and community members heeded the call to assist with the packing.

Sanzaf regional manager for the Western Cape Shafiek Barendse and Ottery Troop Scouter Asmaa Marcus.