Follow up on service delivery

Aubrey Robinson, Cafda

Here are eight points of the City’s rules regarding maintenance of their rented properties.

Every tenant needs to be responsible for the basic upkeep of the property and must ensure that nothing illegal is happening on the property. If you are leasing a rental unit from the City,
we request that you report the following kinds of issues as soon as you become aware of them:

1 Repair and maintenance issues;

2 Cleaning of refuse huts and courtyards, refuse removal and dumping;

3 Blocked drains and sewage leaks;

4 Electricity issues;

5 Water problems;

6 Anti social behaviour;

7 Unlawful occupation; and

8 Land invasion or erection of illegal backyard structures.

I just feel that councillors elected by the people must make it a point to follow up with the officials of housing after they officially put in a request to replace washing lines where needed and the same with refuse bins (“Tension as City’s washing lines deteriorate”,
Southern Mail, February 14).

Each of those courts has about one or two broken bins left.

The affected wards are under councillors Shanen Rossouw (Ward 110) and
Marita Petersen (Ward 68).

I must also caution the tenants, even though difficult, and the police to make a concerted effort to
look after the
washing lines as you
do get children hanging on the lines and then of course
you get the trolley pushers who steal the refuse bins to transport their recycling goods to scrapyards.

Residents must
start to name and shame and report incidents of wheelie
bin theft with an affidavit to the local housing office in Craddock Road, Steenberg. These things are too expensive to be replaced every time.