Food for thought

Colin Arendse, Wynberg

The letter from Keith Blake “The issue of crime prevention” (Southern Mail, January 18) provides much food for thought.

National government is aware of the electorate’s concerns; hence the White Paper on Policing that is currently before Parliament.

The paper makes provision for the amalgamation of all the different Metro police units throughout the country into a single police service to fall in line with existing legislation.

Section 199 (1) of our constitution provides for a single police service and the restructuring as mooted in the White Paper will go a long way to saving taxpayers’ money being wasted on a myriad of different units working in opposition to each other.

Existing Metro cops will not have to be trained from scratch as they already know the basics of policing and wasted taxpayers money being used on the duplication of functions can be freed up to provide much needed housing and improve the lack of social development in our communities.