Freedom Park mourns Susan Hansen

Susan Hansen, of Freedom Park, was described as a strong woman.

The residents of Freedom Park are shocked by the death of Pastor Susan Hansen, a community worker in Freedom Park informal settlement, in Ottery, who died on Saturday January 21, at the age of 60, following a severe stroke.

Her eldest daughter Maggie Klaaste said her mother was admitted to Victoria Hospital, in Wynberg, after she had a second stroke. She had the first stroke last year.

Ms Hansen was an active community worker, said Ms Klaaste, especially with taking care of children. “She was a strong woman.”

She was also instrumental in delivering 10 children over the years.

Ottery community worker Keith Blake had been working with Ms Hansen during times of crisis.

“I was totally shocked to be informed that Susan had passed away and I extend our deepest condolences to the family. I will miss her very much as she was my connection on all issues affecting and relating to Freedom Park. I will miss her words every time – ‘God is good. Hy dra ons deur’. May she rest in peace.”

Ms Hansen’s neighbour Chantel Hendricks said Ms Hansen knew her for 15 years.

She said Ms Hansen was a good person who was always sharing. “She was very valuable to the community. She would help in crises such as water problems and fire disasters at Freedom Park.”

Jacqualine Hansen, her sister-in-law, said Ms Hansen’s death was a big loss and she leaves behind five children.

Ms Klaaste said the funeral will take place on Saturday January 28. The viewing of the body will be at Freedom Park, at 7am. Thereafter the funeral service will be at Community of Hope Church, in Hanover Park, For more information contact Ms Klaaste on 071 035 2718.