Friendly vibes linger in New Horizons

New Horizons in Pelican Park is a melting pot of people who moved from areas across the city such as Ottery, Lotus River, Hanover Park, Grassy Park, Athlone and Mitchell’s Plain.

Three years later, residents seem to have settled in comfortably and their children have made friends.

After 5pm you will see some of the new pallies playing games to pass the time.

Resident Aziza Shaik spotted a few young boys using their creativity while playing and she wanted to share it with Southern Mail.

A half broken bike attached to an office chair, pulled by another boy was entertaining for Ms Shaik to see and she immediately took a picture of the joyful scene.

Ms Shaik said: “The front half of the bike was still working, then they attached the office chair with a rope. They used another rope to attach it to a friend’s bike (not broken) who then cycled while pulling his friend sitting on the office chair. Later the cyclist took off and the boy’s brother started pulling the make-shift bike like a horse pulling a cart,” she laughed.

“I was enjoying it so much and even took a video as well. I love watching children play because it reminds me how I used to play while growing up in District Six.”

Her neighbour Yumna Ariefdien, who became Ms Shaik’s friend, said she thinks living in New Horizons is like living in a “retiring home”.

“I used to live with family in Mitchell’s Plain and I enjoy living on my own,” she said.

Ms Ariefdien and Ms Shaik recalled the games they used to play.

Ms Shaik said: “I remember playing with my friends, kennetjie, blikkies, skaluloes, handies, een beentjie (hopscotch), high and low (high jump), statue and dodgeball, the list goes on. When I saw these kids making this bike work, it felt good that there are still children who are inventive and not playing on a phone or a tablet.”

Ms Shaik said she was still a little girl of seven or eight when they moved out of District Six. “We moved to Athlone where I spent most of my life and then we moved to Grassy Park.”

She said she was on the housing waiting list for almost 30 years and whenever she drives past New Horizons she would say to her daughter that she imagined herself living in one of those houses.

“Two years later I moved in. I am living here a year and two months already.”

She said she loves being on her own as she always used to live with her children. “I get along fine with my neighbours who became friends. Our road is safe and children can play freely.”

Southern Mail spoke to the children’ parents to find out about life in New Horizons.

Danolene Carelse said her two boys, Dominique and Jayden, made the contraption that so amused Ms Shaik. “They are very active and creative and love to make their own stuff.”

Craig Cochrane’s mother, Cathrene said she wishes she could spoil him with a new bike, but does not have the money. “However, he enjoys playing outside with his friends.”

Tyran Jacobs’s mother, Desreè said she feels New Horizons is safer than Hanover Park and Retreat where she comes from.

“In Retreat he used to come from school and play around the house, but here they can play outside after 5pm. Tyran made more friends here than in Retreat,” she said.