Game changer programme stimulates minds

Tafelsig High School principal Ruschda OShea, Christian David Moravian Primary School teachers and after-school programme facilitators Desiree Reddy and Eva van Gee and acting principal at Christian David Moravian Primary Reginald Hans are pictured with a group of Grade 3 to 7 pupils.

Christian David Moravian Primary School, Coniston Park, will be exhibiting the artworks created by pupils who attend an after-school programme which is part of provincial government’s After School Game Changer initiative.

Run from 2.30pm to 5pm daily, the programme is aimed at keeping pupils who may otherwise be unsupervised, off the streets and engaged in stimulating acti-

The artworks will be displayed in the school foyer.

Through the Game Changer programme, low and no-fee schools are encouraged to focus their after-school programmes on four pillars – sport, arts and culture, life skills and academic programmes.

The project is supported by Glen van Harte, the District Director of the Western Cape Education Department’s Metropole South office, and Ruschda O’Shea, the principal of Tafelsig High School in Mitchell’s Plain, who has been seconded to co-ordinate the After School Game Changer Programme.

“The kids enjoy the classes and the number of learners have increased since the start of the programme,” said Ms O’Shea.

“The programme is sometimes disrupted by the gang violence in the area but then the children simply come back the next week and the classes continue.

“Resources is a definite challenge as schools cannot afford to buy the art supplies. We aim to provide the learners with food in the afternoon as these are children from poor homes,” she added.

Teachers Desiree Reddy and Eva van Gee also help out with the programme twice a week.

Acting principal Reginald Hans is excited about the programme and believes it is beneficial to his pupils. “There is so much talent at Christian David Moravian Primary. There was nothing to keep them occupied after school. When this oppor-
tunity arose, we immediately de-
cided to commence with this
After School Game Changer Programme.

“There was a keen interest from learners and they became actively involved. The art works displayed at our art exhibition is proof of the the early success of the programme,” said Mr Hans

“We offer a number of other After School Game Changer Programmes, for example, chess, music, maths, languages, volleyball, e-learning and sport codes. Learners are motivated and have shown a positive attitude to the new holistic approach to learning and life.”