Gang member caught with illegal firearm

An unlicensed Norinco 9mm pistol has been confiscated in Lavender Hill.
A man was arrested in Hillview, Lavender Hill, after he was found in possession of an illegal firearm on Friday April 5.

Law enforcement officers and members of the South African Police Service (SAPS), who were on foot patrol, spotted a man standing on the roof of a shack with what appeared to be a firearm.

They approached him and he dropped the weapon on the ground, jumped off the roof and ran into the yard.

The officers gave chase and managed to arrest the suspect inside one of the shacks in the yard.

Law enforcement spokesperson, Wayne Dyason, said, “The suspect turned out to be an infamous gang member who has been terrorising people in the community.”

An unlicensed Norinco 9mm pistol and seven live rounds were recovered from the ground.

Authorities say the joint operation between SAPS and law enforcement is aimed at making communities safe.