Girl power

The girls that attended the event with Zinnia Rose Petersen.

Parkwood Primary School pupils and girls from surrounding areas benefited from an uplifting and motivating session held by the NPO Spirit of Hope Organisation (SOHO), at Parkwood Primary School, on Saturday June 1.

Called Girls 2 Women Workshop, it was presented by volunteers and role models who held talks to empower children from disadvantaged communities.

The objectives of SOHO is to set a new societal standard that embraces people from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, nationality, origin or economic background through partnerships and collaborating with other community agencies such as inter-faith groups, schools, organisations and churches.

One of the discussions led by 8-year-old Zinnia Rose Petersen, a Grade 3 pupil at Somerset House, focused on how to be confident.

Zinnia-Rose became known in her community as the ambassador for a non-profit organisation called Angels United Helping Hands and for being actively involved from the age of 6, in various charitable projects and campaigns.

She was recently crowned as Miss Petite South Africa 2019 and also holds the title of Miss Petite Universe South Africa 2019, as well as Miss Petite Western Cape 2019.

Zinnia-Rose’s mother, Anthea, spoke about puberty, including sexuality and self-esteem.

Ms Petersen is involved in all Zinnia-Rose’s charities and campaigns and encourages and supports her daughter every step of the way. She motivates children to rise above their circumstances and get out of their comfort zones.

Jodie and Justine Petersen motivated the older girls between 11 and 13 years old on becoming more confident and independent by finding casual work when they attend high school.

Jodie has a diploma in retail business management and Justine has a diploma in Clothing management. They are models doing fashion, TV commercials and they were on the cover of Glamour Magazine in Paris.

Coordinator Carol-ann Lewin said SOHO tries to show their love in a tangible manner. “We cannot alleviate the suffering from their situations and environment altogether, but through a small gesture, inspire hope, touching one life at a time and making a difference wherever we can and are able to.”