Grant’s eye set on Tokyo

Grant Andrews with his mother and coach, Martina Andrews, at Rooikrans Sports field.

Grassy Park sprinter Grant Andrews, 17, is hoping to make it to the 2020 Olympic Games and he has the full support of family, teachers and friends behind him.

The lightning fast youngster took part in the South African High School Championships, which was held in Durban from Thursday March 29 to Saturday April 1 and won the silver medal in the 100m in a time of 11.29 seconds, just four seconds behind the winner.

Grant started athletics when he was in Grade 2. He obtained his Western Province colours last year.

His mother and coach for the past two years, Martina Andrews said she first noticed her son’s athleticism when he was young.

“His teachers saw that he was doing well in athletics but initially had him do long distance. When I realised that he was doing better in sprinting I figured that I would have him concentrate on that. Over the years, with practice, he’s become very good at the 100 metres and that’s why I want to hone his sprinting skills,” said Ms Andrews.

The former Lotus River Primary and John Graham Primary School pupil is currently attending Cafda School of Skills and has been doing his school proud by being the only pupil taking part in the High School Championships.

“He has big dreams to go to Tokyo in 2020 and I fully support him in his dreams. I am extremely proud of him because he has learning difficulties and that’s why he is at Cafda SOS but athletics is where he is strong and I hope that his Olympic dream will come true, with practice and dedication I know he can do it,” she said.

Ms Andrews also coaches other boys at the school.

Grant, who is ending off his last year at CAFDA SOS, is hoping to study office adminstration at an FET college next year but wants to continue his athletics career. “I like the pressure, I like the feeling of when you start off in the blocks and the adrenalin kicks in and I thrive on that. Athletics also keeps me fit and I have bragging rights and can say with confidence that I’m faster than most,” quipped Grant.

“Athletics is also a way for me to stay away from the negatives, drugs, gangsters, wrong friends. I prefer practicing than partying and hanging out on street corners. I am hoping to get far in athletics and definitely to go through to Tokyo and beyond,” he said.