Grassdale High’s new hall under way

Workers at Grassdale High’s new hall site.

Grassdale High School pupils and staff have started a “Buy a Brick” donation drive to help the school with the fittings and equipment needed for their new hall currently under construction since August 23.

Grassdale High School pupils had been tasked to help raise funds for fittings and equipment needed for the new hall.

Peter Hendricks, grade head and head of department, said pupils were encouraged to do “odd jobs” and donate some of their earnings to the donation drive.

The construction of the new hall at Grassdale High School.

Mr Hendricks said the school is trying to instil a sense of “working hard for your school”. There will be a competition among grades and pupils who go the extra mile will be honoured.

The school in conjunction with Garden Cities’ Archway Foundation have been busy constructing the new school hall. The foundation’s primary objective is to provide halls and other essential facilities for under-resourced schools in the Western Cape.