Grassy Park cops seize drugs

A letter from a reader.

Melvin Jonkers, chairperson, Grassy Park Community Police Forum

The Grassy Park Community Police Forum (CPF) is pleased that the distribution of a large quantity of illicit drugs to our youth was dealt a massive blow when Grassy Park police, under the leadership of Captain Wynita Kleinsmith, raided a Grassy Park address on Friday evening November 6.

Acting on a tip-off, police found the drugs in the toilet roof. Drugs were also previously found on the very same premises.

The stash included 46 containers of Mylan Alprazolam, which is equivalent to Xanax, a drug used by youth to get high.

Stilpayne, used to create a mixture called Lean when mixed with soda, was found along with 17 packets and two large glass containers of high-grade dagga.

The police estimate the street value of the drugs to be about R50 000.

The illegal dispensing of medicines, which could be used to make drugs, continues unabated in our precinct.

This is evident from the many used bottles of codeine containing medicines seen lying around in the neighbourhoods.

These medicines should be prescribed.

They are too easy to obtain. There should be tighter controls over medication.

How is it possible for any individual to have such large stocks of these medicines?

The CPF urges the police to ensure that the alleged distributor be charged appropriately and that the National Prosecuting Authority should press for severe punishment.

These unscrupulous individuals who sell these drugs must know what damage is caused to the individual user, and to our community as a whole.

We thank community members who come forward with pertinent information of drug dealing in our community and wish to encourage people who care to inform the CPF or police about these dangers lurking in our area.

We commend the Grassy Park SAPS for following up and taking the appropriate action.

We encourage the police to go hard after these purveyors of mind-destroying drugs.

Let’s leave no stone unturned in the quest to rid our communities of these harmful practices.