Grassy Park vagrants’ public indecency causes upset

Vagrants have made a home on the field, private property, opposite Standard Bank in Victoria Road, Grassy Park.

A community leader bothered by squatters in Grassy Park said he was appalled by the sight of women washing themselves in public on a vacant property in Victoria Road.

Aubrey Robinson, of Cafda, said he took photographs of people who have made themselves comfortable, in Grassy Park a few weeks ago.

”The field opposite Standard Bank in Victoria Road has make-shift tents and all women are dressing and undressing after washing themselves in the open and vagrants were setting up a home at the intersection of Busy Corner at the Grassy Park library parking.

Mr Robinson said the owner of the property should be liable to get rid of them. “I have sent emails to Eddie Andrews, the metro Police chief,sub-councilchairman, ward councillor, sub-council manager who ignored all emails sent to him. It has been months now and the issue is just dragging on.

“The City should get the owner to fence off the property properly as the wire fence was broken off.”

However, Wayne Dyason, spokesman for City Law Enforcement, said the “homeless” have been moved from the area but they keep on returning.

“We clear the site and the homeless return. This is an ongoing process, because removing them from a site does not mean they find accommodation that takes them off the streets. They merely move to the next location and then make their way back to where they prefer to be.”