Greening Retreat

The first time in 40 years the verge along 10th Avenue, has not been dumped on since trees and shrubs were planted and bordered with painted tyres.

Isaac Jansen, Retreat Greening Project founder

We have been greening parts of Retreat including 10th, 11th and Industry roads over the past few weeks.

Most of the work is done by unemployed youth volunteers from the local 10th and 11th Avenue communities.

After much to and fro, we managed to get the recreation and parks department to clear shrubs and rubbish along 10th Avenue and Industry Way.

Nineteen trees were planted already and a few more will be planted every Saturday in all areas affected by over 40 years of dumping and neglect.

So far we have the support of Totally Board who donated spades and pitchforks and Salfreds Bus Hire (use of their bakkie at any time for greening purposes).

We ask your kind assistance for either new or second hand weed-eaters.

We’re using borrowed stuff which is not always available when we need it.

One of the most important victories is to note that, for the first time in about 40 years, the verge along 10th Avenue has not been dumped on since we planted trees, shrubs and bordered that area with painted tyres.

More people are walking their dogs in the rehabilitated area, and children are playing soccer in the service road next to the Retreat waste facility.

Covid-19 perhaps has created a moment of reflection, the recognition of the unity of mankind; an urgent need for balance between the material and our spiritual sides, and the promotion of our human attributes such as empathy and philanthropy.

Thank you in advance for your kind support in publishing our good news story so that others could feel free to join us to green the whole of Retreat or Steenberg where there are areas of neglect.