Guns issues

Philip Bam, spokesperson, Grassy Park Community Police Forum

Our communities live in fear. What would be considered normal community activity can’t take place because of the bullets flying around. Recently, an innocent family narrowly escaped death when gun-men opened fire in a busy main road, bullets hitting their house and going through the window seconds after they left the kitchen. There
are many of these
lucky escapes daily.

How can a community live and how can children grow up in an environment where bullets must be dodged daily.

The Grassy Park CPF calls upon SAPS to increase their visibility; to enforce the laws that allow stop, search and seizure operations and to ensure a sustained action to rid our streets of the guns. It just cannot continue as usual. The ad-hoc operations does not appear to be a solution.

There should be more police on the ground. The Cape Flats is in a state of war and we need a state of emergency to be declared.

We say: do something now before it is too late.