Happy 80th to a ‘prayer warrior’

Maria Miller turned 80 this month.

Despite having suffered many health problems, Maria Miller, from Steenberg, celebrated her 80th birthday in Lakeview community hall, in Retreat, on Tuesday January 3.

The eldest of seven, Ms Miller survived all her siblings. She worked as a char and married her late husband, Peter Miller, who was a fisherman.

Her daughter, Samantha Jonas, said: “She faced many challenges, as she suffered more than one heart attack.

“A few years ago, she had a heart attack, and the doctor said she had to undergo open-heart surgery or else she ‘would not make it’. However, she made it this far without undergoing the operation.”

Ms Miller was also diagnosed with cancer… more than 10 years ago. Her family say that when doctors gave her the diagnosis, she replied: “I cancel cancer in the name of Jesus.” Ms Miller had 10 children, seven of whom are still alive. She has 33 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren.

“Maria is a very religious woman and a prayer warrior. She loves doing arts and crafts and being involved in her church,” said Ms Jonas.