Help from your heart

Clive Jacobs, community activist, Lavender Hill

Ward 68 is an area of great concern with all the negativity we as a community and community leaders are faced with.

We all had high hopes that democracy would bring change in our area.

But things have only got worse. We hope that maybe we will taste the sweetness of democracy soon.

With the local elections looming and people preparing to vote on Wednesday August 3, the questions remain: will our expectations be met and will we reap rewards from the victories of the political parties’ sweet talks?

Little in our Ward 68 and neighbouring wards has gone right since the dawn off local elections. We had gang wars in which we lost loved ones and friends.

Lavender Hill has become like a department store divided and grouped into areas where we as people don’t communicate with each other and where there is no unity and interaction at all . There are no sports, no fun and games, just 365 days of negativity and pain.

There is nothing that inspires us. As a community and human rights activist, I am still around for the people who have confidence and faith in me to assist with social well-being and other matters.

However, resources and time have become limited from my side and I have been asked advice and questions from our communities in need.

My advice to all service providers, including SAPS, the ward councillor and NPOs, is that it is not about you or what you do for families in need. Remember that those people you overlook are the ones you will need in the long run to support you in bringing positive changes within our communities.