Help Hillview fire victims rebuild their lives

Hillview resident Kaylene Fredericks watches as a firefighter douses the flames at her shack on Christmas Eve.

Families affected by a devastating fire at Hillview informal settlement on Christmas Eve are still trying to rebuild their homes.

More than 100 shacks were destroyed and many families are either living at a church at the informal settlement or with neighbours and family.

Over the past two weeks several organisations and volunteers have been helping those affected to rebuild their shacks and offering aid such as food and other necessities but the community is still in desperate need of assistance

Community worker Aysha Davids, who has been working on the ground since the incident, along with many others, said people lost everything including ID documents.

“Parents bought school uniforms and stationery for their children but lost these in the fire.”

Councillor Mandy Marr said it is a sad situation on the ground as many are not in a position to rebuild their lives. She said the City is not able to provide material for those affected and is waiting on the national government to assist with material and other services including help from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

A site assessment has also been done at the informal settlement and hopefully some assistance will be provided, said Ms Marr.

“The City has provided soft relief through various NGO partners and residents were provided with blankets, toiletries and mattresses but these aren’t very helpful when these residents don’t have a roof over their heads.”

Organisations and residents have appealed for assistance through donations of uniforms, stationery, furniture and material or starter kits to rebuild structures.

To assist please contact Aysha on 066 146 7227, Ralph on 078 629 3258 or Mandy on 084 731 3339.

Over 100 shacks burnt to the ground leaving hundreds homeless. Appeals have been made to assist with school uniforms, stationery, furniture and starter kits or material to rebuild homes.