Help Lungi find his forever home

Lungi appeals to the community to help adopt him and 11 other dogs as Adopt A Pet prepares to close its doors for good at the end of April.

Adopt A Pet, based in Ottery will close on April 30 and they are appealing to the community to help them rehome the last of the animals still in their care, writes ROSE FRANCHI, a volunteer at Adopt A Pet…

Cicely Blumberg, who founded Adopt A Pet 17 years ago and spent her life saving vulnerable and abused pets, passed away in May 2020 and our greatest wish as the staff and volunteers would be to home the last animals in our care so that she can rest in peace knowing that all her animals are in loving homes.

Ms Blumberg had a “no kill” policy and the shelter became home for many of the animals that would otherwise have been euthanised. One such animal is Lungi, one of 12 remaining dogs looking for their forever homes.

A giant personality, whose name is of Xhosa origin and translates into ‘’To Accept“ or ”It’s okay“, Lungi is a boy with a golden honey coat, kind eyes and a loving temperament, his name depicting so aptly his gentle nature.

He arrived at the shelter on May 30, 2016. His crime – he kept jumping over the fence at his owner’s house. Due to financial constraints and not having the means to heighten the fence his owner surrendered him and the shelter became his new home.

He spent the next almost five years of his life at Adopt A Pet, being overlooked when it came to adoptions for no other reason than he “fell through the cracks” as more and more dogs arrived at the shelter.

Life at the shelter was not first prize but he found a kennel mate in Monique, a rescued female whom he grew to adore and who, in turn, adored him. He was content.

Then his life changed.

The shelter was closing its doors and his beloved kennel mate of many years found her forever home. Lungi was saddened to see her leave.

The staff and volunteers of the shelter appeal to our community of compassionate animal lovers in the Western Cape to open their hearts and their homes to our beloved Lungi and his 11 kennel mates – to give them a chance at a loving home and an opportunity to experience a life that was taken from them through no fault of their own.

Those wanting to assist Adopt A Pet Animal Shelter can do so at via Facebook or via Whatsapp by contacting Karin on 082 884 1333 or Desiree on 073 339 4700.