Help police find Tammy-Lee Dickson

Grassy Park police have opened a kidnapping docket in the case of missing pregnant Tammy-Lee Dickson, 21, of New Horizon and arrested two suspects.

Police opened the kidnapping case on Wednesday April 25 after following up on information
and getting statements that led to the arrests.

Ms Dickson went missing on March 2.

The first arrest was that of a 30-year-old suspect of New Horizon who was last seen with Ms Dickson on March 2.

It is alleged that this suspect assaulted Ms Dickson before her disappearance.

A second suspect, aged 26, was arrested over the weekend.

Searches for Ms Dickson were carried out with the help of the
local community police forum, neighbourhood watches and SAPS.

The search continues for the missing pregnant woman.

Ms Dickson is of average build, with black hair, she is 1.5 metres tall, has full lips, good teeth, brown eyes and she has her name, Tammy-Lee, tattooed on her left arm.

Anyone with information can contact Warrant Officer Carollisen on 021 700 3900, 021 700 3902, 021
700 3903 or 021 700 3930 or contact the Pink Ladies, an organisation that works with the police to find missing people, on 072 214 7439.