Help police nab suspects

Grassy Park police have released a list of names of alleged gang members wanted for various crimes in the precinct, including murder, attempted murder and robbery.

Station commander Colonel Shawn van Wyk said making the list public is part of the plan to make communities safer. “These gangsters are a danger to the community. Many of them have appeared in court on serious charges but are released on bail and go into hiding. When they are supposed to appear in court again they are nowhere
to be found,” said Colonel Van Wyk.

“We made the lists available to neighbourhood watches and now to the communities because we need their help to get these criminals behind bars,” he said.

Colonel Van Wyk said in many cases people close to criminals do not want to give information about their whereabouts.
“If we want to fight crime we have to work together – the resi-
dents, neighbourhood watches and other organisations – to make our communities safer,” he

* Keanan Josephs, an alleged member of the Yuri Cats gang, from Peter Court, Ottery, is wanted for possession of drugs.

Ismail Jacobs, an alleged Americans gang member, from Moosa Walk in Parkwood, is wanted for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Bradley Murphy from Abdullah Walk in Parkwood, also an alleged Americans gang member, is wanted by police for possession of drugs.

Wayne Hendricks from Buzzard Road in Phumlani Village is wanted for armed robbery. He is an alleged member of the Six Bob gang.

Moeneeb Davids, from Conrad Road, Ottery, an alleged member of the Mongrels gang, is wanted for possession of a firearm.

* This information was supplied by Grassy Park SAPS.

* If you have information, you can contact Crime Stop on 08600 10 111 or 021 700 3940. All information will be treated as highly confidential.