Help the rural child

Teachers and Grade 7 pupils of Floreat Primary School in Steenberg display the books they bought from Help the Rural Child Bookshop in Mowbray.

Grade 7 pupils from Floreat Primary School in Steenberg visited the Help the Rural Child non-profit book shop in Mowbray on Monday December 2. Floreat Primary School teacher, Kristi Jooste says this visit was an opportunity for their pupils to support a non-profit, and also discover that reading can be done for fun and not only for academic purposes. The 18 Grade 7 pupils purchased a total of 70 books. Marketing manager of the Mowbray book shop, Janice Mulholland, said it was a wonderful opportunity for the non-profit to present the books to the pupils. “It also helps us to explain to them the money generated from the sales of books goes to the various programmes that help the children,” she said. For more information, go to or email