Help thy neighbour

Yusuf Gabier, from Mustadafin Foundation; community leaders Keith Blake and Jasmine Abrahams

Keith Blake, Ottery

The Mustadafin Foundation on the corners of Dove and Blackbird avenues in Parkwood held their seniors end-of-year party on Saturday November 25.

The founder Jasmine Abrahams and her faithful staff of helpers and donors hosted a truly royal seniors function for the elderly of Parkwood.

The event was opened with prayer in the Christian and Muslim religion practises and I was asked to give a speech.

My title was the power of the tongue, that seniors can speak life and blessings and most of all prayers for themselves, their families and their communities.

The seniors were served top hotel class meals which ended with pudding and each senior was given a parcel of cakes and biscuits to take home.

Truly one can only state that Jasmine Abrahams is the copy of the late mother Theresa in her daily task of giving food to the poor of Parkwood and she, her staff, her family and her donors need to be honoured and is an example of what it is to give to the needy in our midst. I could not help notice the following quote on the foundation’s sign board and I quote – “If every man helps his neighbour, then who will need help”.