High school girls get menstrual cups

Fairmount Secondary School pupils, pictured with Sarah Jacobs, far right, from Mpower Menstrual Cups,.

Mpower Menstrual Cups handed out 140 cups, at Fairmount Secondary School in Grassy Park.

They are, however, trying to get an additional 260 cups to give to the rest of the girls.

Sarah Jacobs, a nurse who is doing the outreach work for Mpower Menstrual Cups, said they intend to create awareness in the communities, schools, universities, NGOs and other community-based organisations.

Glenda Tutt, the owner of Mpower Menstrual Cups, started manufacturing the cups about 10 years ago with the vision of making this sustainable menstrual management solution available
to all women and girls in South Africa
and empowering them to stay in

The organisation said the cups were environmentally friendly and a cost-effective solution for girls who missed school every month when they menstruated because they could not afford pads or tampons.

For more information, contact Ms Jacobs on 073 994 2569.