Horse show returns to Schaapkraal

Abdurahmaan Ryklief, Mustapha Galli and Aisha Mohedeen-Ismail, executive members of the Cape Show Horse Society.

The Cape Show Horse Society will hold its annual summer show this weekend, from Friday December 9 to Sunday December 11.

The non-profit organisation was established in 1954 and initially ran from the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in Grassy Park.

For many years, however, the organisation used various venues across the City for the annual show, until three years ago when it secured the Oppiekraal site, on Boundary Road in Schaapkraal. This year there will be entertainment for the whole family, including show horses, cake stalls, live entertainment, food stalls, jumping castles, pony rides, and much more.

Fund-raiser Aisha Mohedeen-Ismail said the club, celebrated its 61st anniversary this year.

“Ourforefathers were unable to participate in so-called white shows because of apartheid. This prompted them to start their own club and today we are trying to carry forth the legacy of the people who started the club. We want to keep the sport alive,” she said.

Abdurahmaan Ryklief said the club also tried to do its bit for social change.

“The young members are responsible for taking care of the horses and train them. It’s a way for us to keep kids away from drugs and gangsterism and keeping them off the streets,” said Mr Ryklief.

MsMohedeen-Ismail added: “We want the club to progress and for more people to get involved and for us to continue to grow, become stronger and carry on for 61 more years and beyond”.

The club has various fund-raisers throughout the year but it depends heavily on sponsors and donations.

For more information, call Abdurahmaan Ryklief at 083 490 4429.